The War of the Dead

Issue 3

All hell has broken loose on the Oasis of the Seas cruise ship. What should have been a fun-filled maiden voyage to the Bahamas has instead turned into disaster. In a matter of hours, creatures have infected the entire ship. Thousands have been turned into flesh-eating ghouls. The ship has been damaged and is without power, navigation, or communications — rendering it dead in the water.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the surviving passengers have begun losing their minds. One faction, lead by the religious zealot Mrs. Hartten, have started believing that the end of days have arrived and that only human sacrifice can appease God. Choosing to sacrifice Mr. Forthington’s mistress, Erica Davis, who confessed to knowing his plans to sink the Oasis for insurance purposes, Jack, Bobby and Kirkman now find themselves in the middle of mass insanity.

With morale at an all time low and tensions high, the nerves of the passengers have reached a breaking point as the greatest threat is no longer the creatures — but the living people around them.

Theater uprising



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